Empties June 2019

https://youtu.be/nO3oOEQuzP4 Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. WOW I have been F L Y I N G through products lately - I can't keep up!  Here's a look at what I've used up... Continue Reading →


Youtopia Snacks – The best new healthy AND delicious snack around

Youtopia Foods - never heard of them?  Me neither, but they reached out to me to review their snacks and I thought it would be a great partnership for me. Working 60+ hours a week doesn't leave a whole bunch of time for the gym and healthy meal prep, so I gained weight while working... Continue Reading →

Luxury Scent Box Review

I LOVE trying out new perfume, but I HATE how expensive perfume is.  There is nothing more disappointing than paying full price for an expensive perfume then hating it - what a waste! Luckily, with this subscription box boom that we've all been overloaded with lately, fragrance subscription boxes are a thing.  PUHRAISE THE LORD!... Continue Reading →

Job Interview 101

Interviewing - one of the most nerve-wracking activities that we must take part of, BUT it doesn't have to be all that scary.  I know it sucks, but we all have to do it. Luckily, I competed in "job interview" in high school; I know, weird, very weird. Who wants to compete in that?! What happened was...I... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to get Through Depression

Mental illness and Depression are often overlooked and thought of as "taboo" to speak of, but I have never been able to understand why.  Mental Illness is a common issue that we must deal with, but I've compiled a list of what I like to do to get through depression because we shouldn't have to... Continue Reading →

Skylens Colored Contacts Review

Eye color, I find, is like your hair color/style - many people are not satisfied with their natural eye color, hair style, hair color, etc., so we're always looking for a new way to change our natural appearance; hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dye, and colored contacts. I live in the United States, where eye... Continue Reading →

Top Tips for Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be very scary, overwhelming, intimidating, even daunting, right?  Believe me, when my husband and I first began discussing buying a home, it all seems like a blur because of how big of a decision it was. In September/October 2013 we began the process of buying our first home, in October... Continue Reading →

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