So, I recently found my Bucket List – I really don’t know where it’s been hiding all this time, but I was super excited to find it!  I was even more excited to read through it and be able to actually check off some items on my Bucket List that I’ve accomplished thus far.

I find Bucket Lists to be so interesting and exciting; I love to hear about others’ Bucket List items, I really feel like it’s a great way to get to know others.  I’m always so interested in how others think and what they’re interested in, and really their train of thought when it comes to drafting their Bucket List and what motivates each item.

Here are just a few items that are on my Bucket List, that I haven’t yet been able to check off, but I really hope to some day!

  1. Bring my doxie (Chunk) to a Dachshund Convention/get together
  2. Go Zorbing
  3. Volunteer at a Domestic Violence Shelter
  4. Visit the Holocaust Museum
  5. Attend a Video Game Tournament
  6. Attend a Food Truck festival

I also filmed a video about these Bucket List items where I go into more detail about each, if you’d like to view that as well:

What are some items on your Bucket List??  I’d love to know!

Enjoy!  xoxo


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