Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

In the spirit of giving thanks, I thought I’d list all the things I’m thankful for, with a little twist – I thought it would be fun to list something I’m thankful for for each letter of the alphabet:

  • America
    • I LOVE living in this amazing country that so many people come to to live out their dreams and have a wonderful life
  • Bliss
    • I get to feel bliss every single day because of everyone in my life
  • Childhood
    • I’ve been blessed with a normal childhood and two parents that are still married to this day, which I really think added to my great childhood, which shaped me as an adult
  • Dogs
    • I mean, they’re perfect and make me so happy
  • Educators
    • Without anyone to educate us, we would have nothing
  • Family, Food, and Freedom
    • My family is so supportive, they’re the best!!
    • We have never been without food, which is a huge blessing, and something that some people struggle to get, unfortunately
    • The freedom that we have in this beautiful country is something I never take for granted
  • Game nights with my husband
    • He’s so silly; I’ve never laughed so hard in my life than with my husband, but especially during our game nights together
  • Home and Health
    • My husband and I worked really hard to purchase our first home, I love it, it’s so special to me
    • Although I have some lingering effects of the abusive relationship (or “relationshit” as I like to call it), I am still alive and as healthy as possible, considering the minor setbacks from the past abuse
  • Introvert
    • I have been an introvert my entire life and it will never change, but that’s me – take it or leave it
  • Jay
    • My husband is probably the thing (person) I am most thankful for in this life; he is my soulmate
  • Knowledge
    • We live in a country where knowledge and education are so easily attained; who can be mad about bettering your mind?!
  • Life and Love
    • To still have my life to live however I want after an abusive relationshit is amazing
    • I feel love every single day from every person around me
  • Modern Medicine, Music, and Military
    • Modern Medicine is so amazing, it has come so far and I’ve seen it save so many lives – that’s beautiful
    • Music has always been a part of my life, but especially after escaping the abusive relationshit; I used dance as an outlet for all of my confusing emotions and heartache
    • The United States Military is the Number 1 Military in the world and I’m so proud of that; they put their own lives on the line for us, strangers – that’s amazing and something to never ever take for granted
  • Nourishments
    • Dealing with the aftermath of an abusive relationshit, I’ve learned that my mind and body need nourishments and I’m so glad I have such easy access to those nourishments daily
  • Opportunities
    • I have been given so many wonderful opportunities in my life; while I haven’t take advantage of every single opportunity, I’m thankful to have such amazing opportunities presented to me at all
  • Privacy
    • I’m generally a private person and I appreciate having privacy and the ability to control that privacy
  • Quality Time
    • I cherish every moment that I spend with the loved ones around me
  • Relationships
    • Every relationship I have, whether it’s with my husband, my family, friends, co-workers, and even my boss, I truly cherish those relationships because they help mold me
  • Support, Strength, and Survival
    • In all the relationships in my life, all of them include a great amount of support, which helps so much as I move forward in my life
    • Without strength, I wouldn’t have been able to escape an abusive relationshit
    • Surviving an abusive relationshit has enabled me to live a brilliant life
  • Technology
    • Everything within my career and schooling is literally based on technology; I would be nowhere without it
  • Uniqueness
    • I love not being like everyone else and the fact that we’re not all cookie cutter molds of every other person in this world, it allows me to be so creative and express myself any way that I’d like
  • Veterinarians
    • Obviously, I love my dogs and every other pet I’ve ever had in my life; being a Veterinarian has to be a tough job, but I’m so glad they’re available for our precious pups
  • Work, Water, and Work Ethic
    • I’m blessed to have a job and I never take it for granted
    • With my bad kidneys, water is so incredibly important to nourish my body and it’s so attainable; I’ve always been blessed to not have to struggle to get clean water
    • My parents have taught me to have a great work ethic, which has molded me into a strong individual, one that can be proud of the work I do and the money I earn
  • eXamples
    • There are people in my life that have set such an amazing example for me and have opened my eyes to so many different levels of being a good human being; it’s beautiful
  • YouTube
    • My YouTube channel is something that I’m very passionate about; it’s always been a dream of mine to become an Entrepreneur, I just never believed in myself enough to do it (until my husband gave me the extra push and support that I needed), but now that I’ve finally taken the plunge, I’m in love with it and it helps to serve as a great platform for my passions and what I believe in
  • Zoo
    • I’m an animal lover so obviously, I love visiting zoos to be able to view animals and be around them in general, but most important, to be able to learn more about each animal

What are you thankful for? I’m excited to hear!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I also made a video about what I’m thankful for from A to Z:




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