HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!  I don’t make resolutions for the new year, but I thought it would be a good time to discuss some of the things that I value in life, some of my morals, and just everyday things that I cherish.  I try my best to remember all of these every single day so I can constantly work on myself and try to be the best version of myself daily.

On one of my very last days in college, my professor decided to just do a fun exercise with us since were all done with our lessons and finals and it turned out to be a really fun little experiment.  She handed out a sheet with about 100 different words and she asked us to choose our top ten, then narrow those down to our top three (from the top ten).  The goal was really just to understand each other better and see what others value and cherish in life; I thought it was a really good idea and it did help us to come together even better as a class.  After we chose our top three, we went around the room and she wrote down everyone’s values on the whiteboard and we got to hear the backstory of everyone’s values and why they chose that as one of their core values.  It was a really enjoyable and interesting activity.

One of my top three was “bliss.”  I think bliss is so much more than just simply being happy because bliss is something that can sometimes be hard to achieve, but once you do find that bliss, it’s such an amazing feeling and something that you definitely do not want to let go of or ever be without again.

Another thing that I really value is respect.  If I meet someone and they show me that they’re going to respect me, then they have already earned my respect, basically.  I don’t see the point in respecting people that don’t respect me.  Respect is a two-way street; it’s earned, and it’s worth so much, it’s not just given for free.  Once you realize your worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts.  Regardless of the basis of my relationships, if someone consistently disrespects me, I will cut them off; I don’t see the point in entertaining the idea of keeping people around who disrespect me.

Another thing that I truly value is not intentionally hurting someone’s feelings.  I can be a bitch, but that’s only when someone disrespects me first (multiple times) or intentionally tries to hurt my feelings.  It’s just not in my nature to want to hurt people’s feelings.  I’ve been in that position (multiple times) where someone wanted to hurt my feelings, and it’s very hurtful to know that that’s someone’s intentions, so I would never want anyone else to feel that kind of hurt either.  If at any point, I do end up hurting someone’s feelings, it is always by accident, and if someone just tells me that I’ve hurt their feelings, my initial reaction is “oh my god, that was not my intention, I will fix it, I will work on it, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m so sorry;” I would never make someone feel like it’s their fault that their feelings are hurt or that I didn’t even say anything hurtful – it’s not my place to judge whether I think you should or shouldn’t be hurt by something.

I also value and cherish the relationships in my life; my husband, my family, my friends, my co-workers, etc.  My relationships that I have with people are meaningful to me because they are all people that have shown and proven to me that they will respect me and they care about me, and they’re not going to intentionally hurt me.  I work on all of my relationships every single day because they are very important to me.  They’ve all proven that they are going to keep the relationship a two-way street; they’ll call me, they’ll ask me how I’m doing, what’s new in my life, etc. as will I.

I also value just doing things for me.  I think it’s really important to keep yourself happy and remember to do things for yourself to put yourself first because you are important.  Even if it’s a simple pamper night here and there, or buying myself something that I’ve wanted for a while, or reading a book with a nice cup of tea, anything to make myself happy so I can get back to me.  I’ve done that so many times before where I put myself last and put everyone else first, which does, in a way, make me happy; I love to make others happy as well, but in the end, I’m still putting myself last, but I’m learning to put myself first.  You can’t pour from an empty cup, so you need to take care of yourself before you can help anyone else.  As an introvert, I don’t exactly crave human interaction; I do need it, but maybe not as much as others.  I enjoy my own company so I really like to have me time and just relax.

These are all the values and morals that I really try to remind myself of every single day so I can work on myself and just be the best version of myself every day, instead of waiting for a whole new year to begin working on myself.  What are some of your morals and values in your life?  I’d love to hear them!!

I also filmed a video about all of my values and morals, check it out:



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