Hey guys! You all know how much I love Target, but did you know I’m ALSO addicted to IKEA???  If only it were closer to my house!  It’s about a 45-minute drive for us so I don’t get up there as much as I’d like…which is probably good for my budget ;o)

My husband and I took advantage of a free weekend and headed up there and I actually ended up with a little mini-haul.  Here’s what I got during this most recent IKEA haul:

  • SKURAR Candle Holder $2.49
    • I know this is a candle holder, but I thought it would be adorable to use as a makeup brush holder in my dressing room
    • I already have a white makeup desk, and mirror (both from IKEA), so why not finish that chic, white look with a beautiful white makeup brush holder
  • INBRINGA Candle Dish $1.99
    • I got these for my mother and sister
    • It drives me nuts that they don’t use candle trays/dishes (SUPER dangerous)
    • I got three of these
  • SKURAR Candle Dish $1.99
    • I also got these for my mother and sister
    • Giving them the gift of safety ;o)
    • I got three of these
  • SINNLIG Tealight Candles (Apple) $2.99 (30-pack)
    • I got hooked on these when I FIRST moved out of my parents house
    • Almost 8 years later and I’m still hooked on this apple scent
    • I actually got two [30] packs
  • SINNLIG Tealight Candles (Vanilla) $2.99 (30-pack)
    • I’m not usually a huge fan of vanilla scented candles, but these smell so delicious!!
    • They smell like a vanilla ice cream cone (both the ice cream and the delicious-smelling cone)
  • SINNLIG Tealight Candles (Calming Spa) $2.99 (30-pack)
    • This scent is so pleasant and calming
    • It really does remind me of a spa scent
    • It smells like a light cologne – super clean
  • GLIMMA Tealight Candles (Unscented) $3.99 (100-pack)
    • IKEA Tealights burn very nicely – GREAT quality!
    • I have two tart wax warmers from Yankee Candle so I’m constantly using unscented candles
    • Honestly, tea lights don’t last incredibly long so on the weekends, I tend to go thru a couple a day
    • The 100-packs are great
      • I actually got two [100] packs

I also filmed a video where you can view all of these products:



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