I Boycotted Social Media and Never Looked Back

I’m a #BadMillenial and I don’t even care.  I don’t take pictures of my food before I eat it (mostly because I love food too much and can’t control myself so I dig right in), I don’t take “selfies,” I text in full sentences with proper grammar…I could go on forever.

I got rid of all of my social media accounts (except YouTube and Pinterest) and I could not be happier with that decision.

We live in such a demanding world nowadays; everything has to be instantaneous to make us happy, and I feel that level of social pressure is so unhealthy.  Because of this, I find myself rejecting all of the social aspects of today’s life/society – I reject the idea of social media the most.

With social media, I felt so much pressure to have this perfect life, and post every single day, and like/comment every single day, which is just unnecessary in my opinion.  My life is not that interesting/exciting to have something to post every day, let’s be honest.  Also, if I am posting every day, it’s going to be shit posts – there’s nothing exciting about a picture of my same old finger nail polish color, or the same book I’ve been reading for a week because I don’t have actual time to get thru it since I’m so busy posting and checking my social media.

The other main issue I’ve had with social media is the D R A M A.  I’m not in high school anymore – I don’t need your bullshit drama.  I’m an adult, and I want to be surrounded by adults and have adult conversation, and discuss meaningful topics; I’m just not interested in Becky with the good hair’s drama over there, or “did you see what she posted?” conversation – I want better conversation.  While we’re on the topic, I want actual conversation with eye contact and bonding, not superficial drama created by social media whilst you stare at your phone checking social media every moment you’re with me – that’s not quality human bonding, I’m sorry, but it’s just not.

I wonder if my rejection to today’s social construct is do to my being so introverted, or maybe I was born in the wrong time period; my spirit animal seems to be from a time before social media, or maybe I just miss the simpler time of my childhood when everything wasn’t so instant, and nobody knew what someone else was doing every single minute of every single day.  As a child, we had “house phones” (landlines), and had to call someone’s house to ask if they were home to chat in between their siblings trying to sign onto AOL; we played outside together and went home when the street lights came on – nothing felt too instantaneous, there was much more time to cherish and enjoy what we were doing, rather than having that instant gratification.

Sure, those progressions in technology that bring instant gratification like GPS on your cell phone is absolutely great, and a wonderful, efficient addition to our world.  While I love my DVR, there’s something about checking the TV Guide and making sure I was home at the time my favorite show’s new episode was set to air that I’ll always miss, because it felt like it had more of a purpose, and life slowed down a bit.

In today’s world/society, because of that instant satisfaction that everyone needs, if I don’t answer a call or text on my cell phone within two minutes of receiving said call/text, I’m flooded with even more calls and texts, which just aggravates me even more!  I feel like I can’t just have my own time/life because I’m expected to answer to someone (no-one specific) at every moment.  It almost feels like privacy is limited to my bowel movements.  That’s not good, people.

As an introvert, (as is my husband) my favorite place to be is home and I’d like to feel like I have privacy there – NOT JUST IN THE BATHROOM – without all that extra outside influence or outside “noise.”  I understand that it’s difficult for extroverts to understand introverts (and vice versa), but things like social media just seemed to intensify that miscommunication.  With social media, you know exactly what everyone is doing every moment of every day, so when I wasn’t invited to things and then saw on social media that my friends were out without me, it hurt.  When friends cancelled plans with me [typically with some sort of lie] and then I saw on social media that they still went out, without me, it hurt.  A LOT of my reasoning for deleting my social media accounts was because of that exact reason; I was sick and tired of being hurt by people taking the easy way out of hanging out with me, instead of saying it to my face, or having an adult talk with me about whatever is off-putting about me, I just got lied to, which hurts, and that’s not healthy at all.  So, I reverted back to the days of my childhood, when I didn’t know what everyone was doing every moment of every day.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?

In my opinion, I’m viewed as being “different” from my peers because I’m not into social media so they don’t have much to talk about with me, which creates a strain on all of my friendships.  Obviously, I was very aware that deleting all of my social media accounts would effectively disintegrate almost all of my friendships, which I was fine with, because for me, happiness from within my own self, home, marriage, family relationships, etc. was much more important to me and my health.

Happiness is key, and I could not be happier without any social media accounts.  I have so much more time to read again 🙂

PS – I did a video about this topic and touched on different points, just in case you’re interested in more of a video rant 😉


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