Skylens Colored Contacts Review

Eye color, I find, is like your hair color/style – many people are not satisfied with their natural eye color, hair style, hair color, etc., so we’re always looking for a new way to change our natural appearance; hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dye, and colored contacts.

I live in the United States, where eye color isn’t too much of a big deal; however, I’ve learned of other countries where having dark eyes is considered “ugly,” which makes me sad, but that’s a whole other story for a different day.

I also explored the idea of having lighter eyes as my natural eye color is dark brown, with a hint of a red tint.  I do like my natural eye color; however, I’ve always loved the idea of having lighter eyes – not so much blue eyes, but hazel colored eyes.  With many colored contacts companies, the color is typically very harsh and unnatural looking as it doesn’t ever seem to blend well with your natural eye color, so it’s often very easy to tell that you have colored contacts in, and in my opinion, I end up looking like the vampires in the Twilight series (super unnatural).

I’ve tried many different colored contacts companies, and by now, we’ve all been made aware of those “halloween” contacts being super bad for your eyes, which is why they’re so cheap at the halloween stores – NOT GOOD FOR DAILY USE – please don’t use those for anything other than a one-time temporary Halloween costume.

When I actually was on the social media train, I saw some posts about a company called “Skylens,” so I decided to give them a shot as their colored contacts were beautiful and natural looking.

I visited the Skylens website and got to doing my research.  Their website is beautiful and very easy to navigate.  I simply clicked “shop” and a bunch of different colored contacts to choose from popped up.  I originally went searching for “hazel” contacts, but quickly found that they were sold out (bummer!), but their “brown” contacts looked very similar to the shade I was attempting to accomplish.

Each pair of contact lens range from $19 to $29 – that’s AMAZING!  The brown pair that I was interested in was $19!  I added the “brown” contacts to my cart and began the checkout process.  Skylens accepts PayPal, which I thought was very helpful.  The site was secure, but somehow, when websites/shops, especially ones overseas, accept PayPal in addition to having a secure site, I feel much safer ordering online.

I ordered my “SKYLENS Brown” contacts with no prescription.  There were options to add your prescription should you need them; however, I do not need my prescription lenses 24/7 – I only need vision correction for driving (distance) and my eye doctor has told me that if I do wear my prescription glasses (or contacts) 24/7, it would make my vision worse.  As I expected to have these contacts in all day, I ordered them without any prescription; they were purely cosmetic for me.

What I really liked about the ordering process was the fact that they didn’t REQUIRE a prescription from an eye doctor, even if you’re ordering non-prescription lenses.  I’ve previously ordered from many other contact lens companies that require you to submit a prescription from an eye doctor regardless of ordering prescription or not.  This can be frustrating because I don’t need to see an eye doctor annually; my doctor has me come in every two (2) years as my prescription doesn’t change too much from year to year.  It was refreshing to not HAVE to submit a prescription (even though I order non-prescription lenses) as I haven’t been to the eye doctor in a bit – I don’t have a recent prescription from my eye doctor.

The contacts arrived in my mailbox 3 – 4 weeks later (know that they come from a different country, so shipping can take longer than you’re used to) and I quickly opened the box and found they had also sent me a free pair of blue contacts (cool!); I could not wait to check out these beautiful contacts!!

Each contact lens came in a separate sealed sterile glass bottle.  I got to opening each bottle, but the seal was made of a thick aluminum, which I accidentally cut my finger on, but no big deal; it was operator error, and no blood got inside the vile.

After retrieving each lens from their bottles, I immediately cleaned them with a contact lens solution and inserted them into my eye, starting with the brown lenses first.  I had been experienced with inserting contact lenses into my eyes so I was comfortable with application and found them to be very easy to insert.  The lenses fit my eye very well – they weren’t too big or too small, they were a perfect fit for me, really.

Wow wow wow!  The colors were so natural looking, they are soft and blend very well with my natural eye color.  I was skeptical at first because I do have such dark eyes, which often makes colored contacts blend in a very unnatural way, but with Skylens, the colors blended very naturally and I was HOOKED.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

Of course, the brown pair blended more naturally than the blue shade, but that was to be expected.  I’ve never really wanted blue eyes so I wasn’t super bummed about the free pair of blue contacts not blending as well as the brown pair.  The blue shade blended well in low/normal lighting, but once I sat in front of my YouTube lights and in the bright, direct sunlight, my husband said it was easier to see the different between the blue and my natural dark brown eyes, but he also said it didn’t look “bad,” it was just easier to notice.

The contact lenses were very comfortable to wear all day, but again, I was already experienced in wearing contacts, so I knew what to expect; it’s a new/foreign object that’s on your eyeball – it’s going to be noticeable if you aren’t used to wearing contact lenses, but that goes for every contact lens company.

I didn’t find the Skylens contact lenses to be uncomfortable; of course, it’s noticeable that I have contact lenses in, but it’s not uncomfortable – they don’t get itchy or make my eyes red, but every now and again, my eyes do get a bit dry with contact lenses, but that goes with every contact lens company.  Typically, if I’m wearing contact lenses for the day, I’ll just bring a little sample/trial/travel size bottle of eye drops that are safe for contact lenses with me so I can simply refresh my eyes with a little lubricant throughout my day.  Easy peasy.

The Skylens contacts are of very good quality; they will last a very long time!!  They don’t tear easily AT ALL – none of my Skylens contact lenses have torn.

The lifespan of the Skylens contact lenses is approximately 9 months; if you take care of them, if you’re easy with them, if you clean them correctly, they may be able to last longer than 9 months, but the typical lifespan is 9 months.

Bottom Line – I would for sure re-order colored contacts from Skylens; I have not ordered colored contact lenses from any other company since trying Skylens contact lenses.

Here’s what you really came here for – the quick and easy pros & cons:


  • Secure website
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Affordable lenses between $19 and $29
  • Natural-looking shades
  • Shades blend well with natural eye color
  • Comfortable lenses
  • Easy lens application
  • Great quality lenses


  • Shipping from different country (3 – 4 weeks)
  • Sterile vile is difficult to open – careful not to cut yourself

Get your Skylens Contacts here:

I hope this review helped you if you’re on the fence about ordering colored contact lenses from Skylens.  I would highly recommend Skylens colored contact lenses.

I also have a YouTube video about Skylens Colored Contacts here:

Have you ordered from Skylens?  Let me know, and LET’S BE FRIENDS:


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