Luxury Scent Box Review


I LOVE trying out new perfume, but I HATE how expensive perfume is.  There is nothing more disappointing than paying full price for an expensive perfume then hating it – what a waste!

Luckily, with this subscription box boom that we’ve all been overloaded with lately, fragrance subscription boxes are a thing.  PUHRAISE THE LORD!  Perfume is in my Top 3 favorite products to sample 🙂

Luxury Scent Box reached out to me to send me two (2) month’s worth of perfume complimentary so I could sample them out, get a feel for their company/subscription service, and share my review and opinion with you.


Here is what you need to know about Luxury Scent Box and their fragrance subscription service/box:

Luxury Scent Box is a $15 [flat fee] per month (includes free shipping) Designer and Niche Fragrance Subscription Box for both men and women.

Your subscription will auto-renew every month unless you cancel, so you’re not hung up in an annual contract or commitment; you can cancel any time you want.  You can pay annually if you prefer; my sister likes to pay for subscription boxes in a one-time annual fee, but I’m more of a month-to-month kinda gal ;).  If you prefer to pay annually, you get one month FREE; so you’ll pay for 11 months upfront, which brings the one-time annual fee to $165 versus $180 when you pay monthly ($15 per month).


When you first sign up you can (optional) take a fragrance survey to get personal fragrance recommendations, which is good if you don’t know what you personally like in a fragrance, if you aren’t really familiar with what fragrances are on the market, or if you just want to try something new.

When you do sign up for a Luxury Scent Box subscription, you can populate your monthly calendar with which fragrance you want to try for that month, which you can do based on those recommendations from that survey should you decide to take it, or you can add fragrances by name that you definitely know you want to try.  Luxury Scent Box has hundreds of 100% authentic design and niche fragrances to choose from so you should be able to find a fragrance that you’ll love.

Each month, you will receive a travel-size (TSA friendly) fragrance spray (.30 oz) with about a month’s supply of your fragrance of choice for that month; there’s approximately 150 sprays in each monthly travel spray, which, if you spray it five (5) times a day, it amounts to about a month’s worth of product, which is GREAT.  Typically, I don’t find I need 5 sprays of it per day so I can make that last longer than one month – BONUS!


The first month, you will receive a luxurious velvet travel bag, and a reusable scent box case (silver & black case) that you can insert the travel size fragrance sprays into.


The scent box case is super easy to use, you just twist up (like a lipstick) and the fragrance spray appears, sprits as needed then twist in the opposite direction to close the scent box case.

When you get a new monthly travel fragrance spray, just twist the scent box case again to reveal the travel fragrance spray, pull up on the fragrance spray to remove from the casing, replace with the new fragrance spray, and twist back down to close the scent box case.  Easy peasy and super convenient!


When I tried that for the first time, I was honestly shocked that it was that easy – I really expected something to go wrong or that I would encounter some sort of resistance from the scent box case, but nope – it was smooth and easy and didn’t require any extra effort!

They do have a premium subscription plan for $18 per month; with this plan, you’ll get all the benefits of the general ($15/month) subscription, but with added access to exclusive scents, AND you’ll receive a new spray case each month.

Should you decide to stick with the general $15 per month plan, Luxury Scent Box will send you a new reusable colored scent box case quarterly, which is GREAT because that silver and black case can get boring.  Luxury Scent Box has plenty of beautiful colors of scent box cases, they have teal, light blue, pink, red, gold, lilac, blue, slate blue, and black!

The two (2) complimentary scents that Luxury Scent Box sent me were:



  1. Silhouette in Bloom by Christian Siriano
    I found this fragrance to be very nice, refreshing, and great for day-time or Summer/Spring with its beautiful floral scentIMG_1110.JPGIMG_1112.JPG
  2. TokyoMilk Tainted Love No. 62 by Margot Elena
    This scent wasn’t my cup of tea on the first sniff, but as it warmed up, I really enjoyed it; it strikes me as a warm and cozy fragrance, perfect for Winter with its vanilla and woodsy scent

If you decide to subscribe to Luxury Scent Box, new members can enter promo code “FINDINGBLISS” for 35% off your first month (your first box will be $9.75 with FREE SHIPPING)!

For a demo of the product, watch here:

Visit Luxury Scent Box here:

Let me know what you think of Luxury Scent Box, and LET’S BE FRIENDS:



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