Youtopia Snacks – The best new healthy AND delicious snack around


Youtopia Foods – never heard of them?  Me neither, but they reached out to me to review their snacks and I thought it would be a great partnership for me.

Working 60+ hours a week doesn’t leave a whole bunch of time for the gym and healthy meal prep, so I gained weight while working three jobs, but as work is winding down and I’m able to work less than 60 hours now, it’s surely time to get back into the rhythm of healthy eating habits and sneaking in some of my favorite Fitness Marshall dance cardio and weight lifting.  Since I already have a good approach on the fitness front, I found myself stuck in a rut “healthy eating-wise;” Youtopia Snacks couldn’t come at a better time.

I’m a snacker – I would much rather just snack all day than restrict myself to just three meals a day, which isn’t even really the recommendation anymore; the newest suggestions are to have six small meals per day.  I can get behind that because it feels like snacking, and I take my snacks very seriously 😉

While I do love my snacks, I find that I sometimes get bored of the rotating the same snacks over and over again because I can’t find a healthy snack that I can feel good about putting into my body while still enjoying something tasty; somewhere along the line, it feels like it’s one or the other, taste vs. health.  That’s BS and I’m sick of it – Youtopia Snacks to the rescue!

Youtopia Foods was created because much like the rest of us, the founders found it nearly impossible to find snacks that we SHOULD be eating; you know, high protein, low sugar, under 150 calories, portion-controlled, and NOT IN A BAR FORM for the love of god!

If you’re anything like me, you also have issues with portion control and are sick and tired of everything being in bar form or some sort of trail mix; for me, Youtopia Snacks checks off all my boxes – they make 130 calorie portion-controlled, Gluten Free, non-GMO snack packs that have low sugar and contain between 7 and 10 grams of protein.

Also, Lisa Lillian from Hungry Girl, whom I subscribe to via e-mail (thanks to my sister’s suggestion) and Tony Horton from P90X have also supported Youtopia Snacks.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a BIG deal to me – they are people that I trust and look to for a health-conscious lifestyle.

So they sent me three flavors to try out:


  1. Bananas for Chocolate
    I’m 29 years old and I’ve never had a banana chip until now, turns out I love them, and my husband also loves them so it’s a win-win.The Bananas for Chocolate has organic banana chips, mocha espresso cookie puffs, and organic chocolate covered sunflower seeds.Let’s break each ingredient down, shall we?The organic banana chips are delicious; if you like banana chips, you’ll like these because I imagine they taste just like every other banana chip out there, nothing too special except these are organic, which doesn’t change the taste, but you can feel a little better about putting them in your body.

    The mocha espresso cookie puffs are delicious; I didn’t find they tasted too much like espresso, but they were chocolatey, dense, and all around a tasty treat that made me feel like I was having a substantial, somewhat naughty treat/snack.

    The organic chocolate covered sunflower seeds were tasty – I’ve never had a chocolate covered sunflower seed, and I was pleasantly surprised.  The balance of chocolate to sunflower seed was perfect for my liking; I don’t like when “chocolate covered” food items have way too much chocolate, luckily these did not have too much chocolate.

    I enjoyed this snack pack, it’s a good fit if you’re craving salty and sweet with a little fruit mixed in.


  2. Espresso Obsesso
    Espresso Obsesso has again, mocha espresso cookie puffs, roasted almonds, and organic dark chocolate covered espresso beans.Although this snack pack has the same mocha espresso cookie puffs as the Bananas for Chocolate snack pack, they tasted different in this pack.  I think because the entire theme/flavor of the pack is based on espresso, and because there are espresso beans in the pack, I definitely tasted more espresso in these mocha espresso cookie puffs than in the Bananas for Chocolate pack.The roasted almonds also tasted like espresso because they just mingle with the espresso beans in the pack.  Let’s face it, espresso flavor and espresso beans just have an overpowering strong flavor that tend to make everything else taste just like it, but I’m totally fine with it; I love espresso and espresso flavored foods.The organic dark chocolate covered espresso beans were perfection.  Again, the ratio of chocolate to espresso bean was perfect; not too much chocolate.  Of course, my favorite part of this pack was the organic dark chocolate covered espresso bean.

    Espresso Obsesso is my favorite Youtopia Snack pack (insert 12 drooling emojis here).


  3. So Money Honey Mustard
    So Money Honey Mustard includes roasted almonds, honey mustard jalapeño sticks, and southwest fava crisps.Ahh, my husband’s favorite of the Youtopia Snack Packs, and for good reason – this pack is delicious.  If you’re like me and often find that honey mustard flavored foods have way too much honey mustard, you can relax – these are NOT like that; they have the perfect amount of honey mustard.The roasted almonds don’t taste too much like honey mustard, they tasted like your typical run-of-the-mill roasted almond.  Nothing too special.The honey mustard jalapeño sticks were very tasty; they look like pretzels, but they’re not.  They’re nice and crispy, they have a great “snap” when you bite into them, and again, the honey mustard flavor is not too overpowering – it’s perfect.

    The southwest fava crisps were my favorite in this pack, they’re so tasty and honey mustard-y and addicting!  When I bit into it it was like a burst of flavor rushed into my mouth!! Nom nom nom nom….

    One of the best part of this pack – IT’S DAIRY FREE!!

All in all, each Youtopia Snacks snack pack was delicious and feels like a treat that you don’t have to feel like crap about after you’ve put it in your body.

** Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase **

Youtopia Snacks can be ordered via their website OR on Amazon – YAAASSSS!  We all know my Amazon Prime addiction requires treatment at this point, but we’re just gonna pretend that’s not an issue right now, mkay?  I’m just going to stay excited about Youtopia Snacks being sold on Amazon 🙂

If you’re still wanting to learn even more cool stuff about Youtopia Snacks, check out this article, it’s a really good read!

I also filmed a real-time review of Youtopia Snacks with my husband, Justin if you’d like to see our first-time reactions:


Let me know what you think of Youtopia Snacks after you’ve purchased your snack packs, and LET’S BE FRIENDS:


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