Bucket List Goals!

Bucket List Goals!

I’m still in that “new year, new things” mode, so I thought I’d share some more items on my Bucket List!

Here’s a handful of things that I’d like to accomplish someday:

  • Learn a new language
    Primarily, I would love to learn American Sign Language (ASL) because I think it is a beautiful language.  Growing up, my father had a friend who was completely deaf so we learned a bit of ASL to be able to communicate with him when he came over the house, but I only retained a small portion of it; I have a basic knowledge of ASL (enough to get me thru a conversation), but I would love to be fluent in it.
    If I ever master ASL, I would like to attempt to learn Spanish as well.  In the area of New England that I live, it’s great to be bi-lingual, especially Spanish or Portuguese.  Spanish is also a beautiful language, and I think it would be beneficial to learn around this area.
  • Redbull Flugtag
    This event seems like so much fun!!!  It’s just normal, everyday people building aircrafts and trying to fly them in front of thousands of people, and it’s sponsored by Redbull – how can that not be a wicked fun event?!  My husband and I were supposed to attend the Redbull Flugtag in Boston last year, but he got called into work last minute and I was so bummed!  I’m hoping it comes back to Boston this year so we can actually go and I can cross this off my Bucket List!
  • Tattoo Convention
    Actually, this is one item that I’ve already checked off my Bucket List AND I even participated in the event.  The tattoo artist I was going to at the time was already tattooing at the [local] convention and asked if I would get tattooed at the event so he could enter it into the competition and I was pumped that he asked me!  My Bucket List item was really just to attend a tattoo convention, but being able to be tattooed at one was the dream!  It was SUCH an amazing experience to be surrounded by people just like us, who have the same appreciation for tattoos, and to be able to see all the other tattoos!  I definitely would like to attend more, but at a bigger venue; the venue we were at wasn’t incredibly huge so after taking one lap (which took under an hour), you pretty saw everything and there wasn’t much else to do, but I still enjoyed myself!
  • Create my own recipe
    We all know how much I love to cook and bake, but I’ve never actually made my own recipe; partly because I’ve been such a chicken and didn’t want to create anything that tastes like crap, but also because I’ve never really had enough time to try something new in the kitchen.  I was looking thru my recipe binder the other day and realized most of the recipes came from Pinterest, Allrecipes, or were handed down thru our family.  Since the majority of the recipes are family recipes, I realized how much I really wanted to contribute to that collection.  I think my recipe would definitely be a dessert, because I like to bake more than I like to cook…or people know my baking better than they know my cooking skills, but I think the key for me is to not plan it out; I think I would do much better if I just wing it…just lay out all different kinds of ingredients and whip something up.  Maybe one weekend [soon], I will try it out!  Don’t worry, I would definitely share the recipe – I don’t believe in that whole “secret family recipe” stuff!  Stay tuned…
  • Reading with Theresa Caputo
    Although I’m not religious at all, I definitely believe in an afterlife.  I think I’m a bit more sensitive to spirits/ghosts than the average person, but I definitely see and hear them around my house and work, and other people’s houses.  Whenever I watch Long Island Medium, I am absolutely blown away by Theresa’s gift and I would love to be read by her someday; she is amazing.
  • Write a book
    If I do ever get to write a book, it would definitely be about my story as a survivor of domestic violence.  I do love to write, but I’m not up to par with authors so I would definitely need some help (of course)!  I’m not comfortable having a ghost writer write the entire book, because it’s my story and I feel like a ghost writer might take away from that just a bit, but I would absolutely consult a ghost writer, or whomever could help me write it without sounding incredibly amateur.  I think in the end, writing a book would help so many people while also helping me, which is perfect.

What’s on your Bucket List?  Leave me a comment with some of your items please :o)

I also filmed a video about this blog post, which can be viewed here:




My Bucket List

My Bucket List

So, I recently found my Bucket List – I really don’t know where it’s been hiding all this time, but I was super excited to find it!  I was even more excited to read through it and be able to actually check off some items on my Bucket List that I’ve accomplished thus far.

I find Bucket Lists to be so interesting and exciting; I love to hear about others’ Bucket List items, I really feel like it’s a great way to get to know others.  I’m always so interested in how others think and what they’re interested in, and really their train of thought when it comes to drafting their Bucket List and what motivates each item.

Here are just a few items that are on my Bucket List, that I haven’t yet been able to check off, but I really hope to some day!

  1. Bring my doxie (Chunk) to a Dachshund Convention/get together
  2. Go Zorbing
  3. Volunteer at a Domestic Violence Shelter
  4. Visit the Holocaust Museum
  5. Attend a Video Game Tournament
  6. Attend a Food Truck festival

I also filmed a video about these Bucket List items where I go into more detail about each, if you’d like to view that as well:

What are some items on your Bucket List??  I’d love to know!

Enjoy!  xoxo