Dear, Abuser

"Dear, Asshead" wasn't an appropriate title/opening, but either way, you get the gist; I decided to write a letter to my abuser to get some stuff off my chest.  I'm learning that stuff like this is very important for my healing.  Fingers crossed.   Dear, Abuser. It's now been 10 years since I escaped and... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on Therapy

As you may or may not know, I have decided to seek counseling for everything that I went through in the abusive relationship and it's been going really well. I just had my fifth session, which is weird because it doesn't feel like it's been five sessions already, but I think that's a good thing.... Continue Reading →

Life After Abuse

Sometimes I wonder what others think [my] life is like after abuse.  Sometimes I assume people are assholes and think it's easy peasy OR that we become the most fragile, baggage-filled, vulnerable people around.  That's not always how it is. For me, my life is normally pretty good, but I have bad days.  In my... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence FAQs

Domestic Violence is not something that is discussed enough.  When we don't talk about things, they remain a secret, which can be deadly in the case of domestic violence.  I believe talking about domestic violence is key to ending it altogether. As a survivor of teen dating abuse, I've heard many questions, misconceptions, and even... Continue Reading →


After much discussion with my husband, I've decided to start a YouTube channel and I'm really excited!! A lot of people have misconceptions about how a survivor might live their life so I'm hoping my channel will help to clear up some questions, judgments, assumptions, etc.  Since only two people in my family know that... Continue Reading →

A Haunting Memory

My hopes for this blog are simple. I want to help. I want to help others who have or may still be in the horrible situation I was once in, but I know that before I can help anyone else, I need to help myself. Maybe this blog will kill two birds with one stone. ... Continue Reading →

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