Money Saving Apps!

Money Saving Apps!

We all know I love saving money, anywhere I can, really.  Every single week, in addition to printing/clipping coupons, I also check and use my rebate apps on my iPhone, which allow me to save even more through rebates, and sometimes even additional coupons!

Rebate apps are super easy to use; all you have to do is open each app weekly (I check them on Thursday nights…for no particular reason; just that my husband works late that night so I do my personal household tasking on Thursdays) and go thru each available rebate for products.

Then, you just click on each rebate for products that you think you will be purchasing in your next shopping trip.  Choosing the rebates BEFORE you go shopping is key!  Most apps will not allow you to get rebates for products that you’ve already purchased; you must have chosen the rebate prior to making the purchase – and they DO check.  If your receipt time is earlier than the time stamp on your rebate selection, they will reject that receipt and you will not get any rebate from it.

The rebates are super easy to receive as well. Once you’ve made your purchases, using the selected app, just scan everything that qualifies for a rebate, upload the receipt, and BAM, you’ll get your rebate.  Most apps will connect thru your PayPal account so you’ll see the rebate show up in your PayPal account usually within 24-48 hours.

You can download my favorite rebate apps directly from their websites:
Nielsen’s National Consumer Panel
Checkout 51
Receipt Hog
Target Cartwheel

Here is a link to the YouTube video that I created for this post; it includes a video of each app and how to use them:

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So I’m sure we could all stand to save a few bucks here and there; I started couponing (NOT extreme couponing – I have NO idea how to coupon on extreme level, sorry) last year and I LOVE it!

I’ve come to learn that saving $0.25, $0.50, and of course more, here are there add up very quickly and who doesn’t want to save money, even a little bit?!

Every week, I check these websites for printable manufacturer coupons, in conjunction with the redplum coupon flyer that arrives in my mailbox every Wednesday:
Grocery Coupon Network
My Savings
Krazy Coupon Lady
Coupon Closet

Here is a link to the YouTube video that I posted about how I get my coupons:

Happy couponing!

Free Samples!!

Free Samples!!

If you’re like me, you love to try out products before buying full-size/price…because who wants to spend that kind of money on crap products?!

Every day, when I get home from work, I go to the websites below to check for new available free samples.  By doing this every day, I receive free samples in my mailbox between 1 and 4 times per week!!  LOVE it.

I used to go crazy and just order free samples just because they were free (free is for me), but I’ve since learned my lesson and now I only order free samples for products that I actually would like to try or have been DYING to try, but never wanted to spend the money.

I originally got into free samples strictly for cosmetics and perfumes, but I’ve branched out into many more types of free samples like personal health, fitness products, food, etc.

Here is a list of my top websites that I use to get free samples:
Sweet Free Stuff
Woman Freebies
Get it Free
My Savings
Target Samples
Sample Source
Popsugar Sample Squad
Daily Goodie Box
Social Nature
Amazon Review Trader

I hope you love getting free samples as much as I do :o)

For a viewing of what the websites look like, watch my YouTube video review of all the above websites: