Top 10 Yankee Candle Scents One of my YouTube subscribers requested my Top 10 Yankee Candle scents, which I thought was a fantastic idea; I'm always up for perusing Yankee Candle ūüėČ For¬†all of these candles, one of the reasons I love the candle is because it has great throw; I don't need to go searching for the scent... Continue Reading →

Updated Skincare Routine I was blessed with good skin, BUT that doesn't mean I don't need to take care of it, to maintain its greatness. Over the years, I've tried M A N Y different skincare products, but I had perfected my routine and my skin was looking great. ¬†THEN I went cruelty-free, and had to update... Continue Reading →

Values and Morals

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! ¬†I don't make resolutions for the new year, but I thought it would be a good time to discuss some of the things that I value in life, some of my morals, and just everyday things that I cherish. ¬†I try my best to remember all of these every... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, 2016 – Hello, 2017!!!

Welp, 2016 is coming to an end...who's excited?! ¬†Me me me!!!! 2016 wasn't absolutely¬†horrid, but for some odd reason, I'm really glad it's over, and I'm ready for 2017!! Of course, everyone is doing their "new year, new me" bull shit, but I thought it would be a better idea to focus on the positives... Continue Reading →

Dear, Santa

Although I'm not¬†that into Christmas, I do love buying gifts for everyone because I love to take little notes throughout the entire year of gift ideas for all my loved ones; whenever someone mentions, even quickly, something that they like or may want, I make a quick note in my phone so it builds a... Continue Reading →

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