Chaps My Cheeks

Chaps My Cheeks

UGH, we all have those certain things that just get right under our skin and rub us the wrong way, I call them things that CHAP MY CHEEKS!

I’m positive some of these things aggravate others too!  Let’s discuss, shall we?

  • Friends that take FOREVER to text back, but are constantly on their phone in your presence
    • I mean, how can you NOT take this personally?!
    • If it takes you three days to text me back, how come when we’re spending “quality” time together, you’re texting someone else back AS SOON AS THEY TEXT YOU?!
    • That makes me feel like I’m second best…or even worse, less important, and last choice!
  • When nobody tells you you have food in your teeth, a bat in the cave, melting makeup, etc.
    • This doesn’t have to be a big, embarrassing scene, all you have to do is discretely tell me, it’s no big deal
    • Help a girl out, wheat’s the big deal?!
    • I do this for others so they don’t embarrass themselves, why not do it for me too!
  • When people try to turn me into an extrovert AND/OR when people try to shame me for being an introvert
    • I don’t shame others for being extroverts, so why shame me for being me??
    • If you don’t understand introverts, either educate yourself, or keep your mouth shut
    • Don’t call me a “party pooper” or try to help me figure out why I can make it to a party instead of making “excuses”
    • I don’t want to take part in social situations, it makes me very anxious, and I’d rather spend time with myself – deal with it.
  • When people tell me I’ll change my mind about not wanting children
    • This feels like an insult to my intelligence
    • I know me better than anyone else and I know what I want and don’t want, not you
    • Some people just don’t want children, and that’s perfectly fine
    • I don’t tell others that they will change their mind about wanting children, so please don’t do it to me
    • I’ve known for a very long time that I don’t want children, and yes, my husband and I have discussed it in depth both before and after we got married
  • Bullies
    • UGH, bullies are the worst, aren’t they?!
    • People that have to put others down just to make themselves feel better, DRIVE ME CRAZY
    • That’s so rude, don’t do that!
    • If you need to make yourself feel better, why don’t you ask for help, or research for yourself how to feel better…maybe try some daily positive affirmations, or journaling – don’t make someone else feel like crap for your own benefit
    • Being a bully doesn’t make you a bigger person, it makes you a very small, weak person

What chaps your cheeks??

I also filmed a video about this topic:





Grinds My Gears!

Grinds My Gears!

WE ALL HAVE THOSE DAYS, where you’re just aggravated by what seems to be everything!

Today was one of those days for me, so I thought it would be a good day to discuss some of the things that really grind my gears!!  I hope they’re common and maybe you share these same pet peeves!

(1) I’m a grammar nazi – I HATE it when people misspell words or don’t know the simple and common grammar rules!  Specifically (NOT pacifically as I’ve heard some people say…GRR):

  • to, too, two
  • there, their, they’re
  • your, you’re

Please don’t make yourself sound ignorant – do yourself a favor and brush up on your grammar school (see what I did there?) lessons.

I see this a lot in my industry and it baffles me every single time!  We now have advanced spelling and grammar checking software that is built into word processing software so it confuses me when little spelling or grammatical errors slip through the cracks.

(2) It also grinds my gears when my chip breaks off in my dip!!! GRRR!!!!  I’m 27 years old, how have I still not learned my lesson, or learned how to dip my chip without breaking it?! It’s madness!

What do you do?!  Do you go in there and try to fish out your broken chip or do you leave it in there for the next person to enjoy?  MADNESS.

(3) Oh, man – it grinds my gears when people have the music just loud enough in the car to make a conversation really difficult to have.  When it’s not super duper loud, but it’s also not silent, so it’s just awkward and annoying because then I end up yelling over the music, but at that point, it’s just a guessing game about what they said in the first place.

Just pick one – conversation OR music; it’s not hard.

(4) I hate it when I get mascara on my eyelid AFTER I’ve already done my eye makeup.  It happens way more than it should and it’s always when I’ve done a really good job at smoking out my eye makeup, and I’m really proud of myself, then I get frigen mascara on my eyelid and ruins all of my hard work!!

I know there’s an easy fix – just wait until the mascara dries, and brush off the excess [annoying] mascara with a nice fluffy blending brush, it flakes right off, but it’s just annoying as hell…and disappointing because it makes me question any of my choices as an adult since I can’t even get mascara and eye makeup right.  I think it bothers me so much because I’m in my late twenties, I should really know better by now and I should have a better handle on my makeup skills, but nope – I’m a hot mess!

(5) It really gets under my skin when someone else eats the food I’ve been wanting to eat ALL day!  You’re on your way home and you’re thinking about that delicious specific food and you can’t wait to get home so you can just chow down and satisfy this day-long craving, but then you get home and find out that SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY ATE IT!!!!!

OH MY GOSH – I take food so seriously and it gets on my nerves when I can’t satisfy a food craving!!  I know it’s not their fault, it’s not like I notified anyone that I would be craving that specific food on a specific day, but still – it’s SUCH a let-down, isn’t it?!

(6) Ladies, aren’t whiskers just the WORST?!  It’s always at the most awkward time that I find a damn whisker and I get embarrassed because I’m usually right in the middle of a meeting, I feel one, then I CANNOT stop touching it, just calling attention to it/myself, so then that makes me self-conscious because I somehow come to the conclusion that it’s the longest, darkest whisker that everyone in the room can see and is secretly judging me for.


Well, now that that vent session is over, I feel much better, and I hope you do too :o)

What grinds your gears?  Leave a comment about some funny stuff that annoys you!

I also filmed a video for this topic, which you can easily view here:

Girl, bye!  xoxo


Rough Day at Work?

It’s been a rough day.  Why can’t anyone just do their job?  I swear people work harder to NOT do their jobs than to actually just do what they’re supposed to do.

What is up with people who think it’s OK to just slack off at work, or even, say “no” to something that their supervisor/manager asked them to do?  I feel lucky to have a job and work my damn ass off to ensure I’m a good worker and I’m adding value to my company; how can others just be fine with the bare minimum?  Those people are taking it for granted and it gets right under my skin.  Know that if you have a job, you’re lucky – there are so many people in the world who would love to get hired, but these slackers are just fine with doing just the bare minimum at work and skating by to get their annual raise.

This world is unfair; some days it aggravates me more than others.  I try my very best to do my best work all day long and I’m proud of my work, but it scares me that others, who are my age (or just my generation) don’t know the value of hard work, responsibility, and feeling proud for earning what you have.

When I know I’ve worked hard for something, I know I can feel proud, super-duper proud for earning everything that I have rather than being handed everything in life.  How can you not want to feel that happiness and fulfillment in life of working for what you want?

I think lazy workers are the worst; get your shit together, man up and get your work done, correctly, efficiently, and on time, without all the bitching.  Lazy workers just make everyone else’s job harder, but that’s kind of what they want – that way, they don’t have to do the work themselves, because the hard workers will always be there to pick up the slack.

How is that fair?  How can anyone feel good about that?  Sometimes, the more I think about it, the worse I feel about it, but writing it out always helps.

My only hope is that my hard work will pay off some day.  Not money-wise, but respect-wise; I want to be respected for just being a young, hard worker.

Here’s to hoping…cheers!