90s Kid TV Shows!

90s Kid TV Shows!

Every 90s kid LOVES being a 90s kid, but never more than when you’re discussing with friends and family, all the fun shit we used to have!  My in-laws and I got to talking about some of the best TV shows from the 90s that we definitely wish were still on – here’s some of our top favorites:


Big Comfy Couch
Oh my gosh, WHAT a great show!!!  I loved everything about her; her spirit, her pigtails, her clown nose, her silliness, her energy – the list goes on and on!  I loved that she didn’t care at all about being silly or embarrassing herself, she was so confident and cool!  I wanted to be as cool as her!  Her big ass clown glasses made me laugh every time she put them on!  She made my days so fun and her energy woke me right up!  Now that I think of it, this show is probably the reason I’m a morning person/early bird!  Thanks :o)


Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
I mean, this is hands down, my all-time favorite cartoon TV show from the 90s; if it were still on, I would absolutely watch it every single day!  This show was a bit twisted, I must say, but AWESOME!!!!  If you didn’t like this show as a kid, we can’t be friends, I’m sorry.  I loved that they had this sort of “weird” option for kids because I was kind of a weird kid and I didn’t always want to watch fun little happy kitten shows.


The Munsters
My parents used to let me stay up late once a week when this came on just so I could watch this amazing show!  The Musters are your modern-day Addams Family and I love it!  Again, kind of a weird/twisted show, which I loved the option to have/watch.


Angela Anaconda
Man, again, such a weird kind of show, but so so so great!!!  I feel like this was a spin-off type show from that other cartoon show, Kablam?  IF someone knows for sure, please let me know – I need to know!  I specifically remember that blonde girl with those tight banana curls, she made me laugh.  If you never got to see this show, I would highly suggest googling it, or looking it up on YouTube, you can thank me later.


I absolutely loved this show!!  I loved the fact that it was “run” by kids my age, who were learning things at the same time as I was, but they were also the ones teaching me new things without feeling like they were shoving education down your throat, you know?  I do love to learn, but I hate when it’s forced.  I liked that there was a different group of kids every season, it made it feel like I was making new friends :o)
Do you remember those little riddles they would shoot your way just before a commercial break?  Talk about keeping you right on the edge!!
I will never be able to forget that show’s theme song!


Angry Beavers
If this show didn’t make you LOL, you’re watching it wrong.  That brown beaver was so silly and quite dumb, he made me laugh so hard.  Also somewhat of a weird show, but oh so funny!  They were the perfect pair, the great dynamic duo, the best friends and I absolutely loved watching what shenanigans they would get into every week.  So great!

What are some of your favorite TV shows from the 90s??

I also filmed a video discussing some 90s kid TV Shows: